What a team!

A2638E41-2F69-4C7E-98A5-E324B7914767Today during wet play, I caught the class playing a game of Chinese whispers, unorchestrated by me. They work so well as a team and as friends! #dreamteam #friendslikeus #year3hummingbirds #whatayear


Dream big.

Year 3 have had an amazing afternoon learning about the stages of engineering and meeting a real life mechanical engineer! We have explored ideas, designs, materials and tested parts from real models. We can’t wait to have a go and dream big over the next two weeks. #dreambig #weneedmoreengineers

A trip into the past!

Our trip to Armley Mills on Friday was fantastic. The children were transported back to the classroom as it were over 100 years ago and experienced life as Victorian children. This was a great way to start our new theme, ‘What would my life be like if I left school 100 years ago?’ The children gained an insight into school and working life and really enjoyed the day! #readingwritingarithmatic #seenandnotheard #cleanlinessisgodliness